Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search the portal?

A keyword search option is offered on the portal home page. You can refine your search by selecting additional criteria, the type of entity and/or type of service. The results are shown on an interactive map. Click on the Search tab to access advanced search options.

Which establishments offer facilities and services via this portal?

Those featured include Brittany-based public and private establishments which are developing research and innovation activities in the field of marine science and technology: businesses, public research bodies, education and training establishments (engineering colleges, universities, etc.) and administrative bodies.

Which categories of infrastructure and facilities are covered by the portal?

Six major categories cover all the resources available for study and research in marine science and technology: observation, analysis, experimentation, testing, sea-based and aerial methods and numerical methods. These criteria can be used to refine your searches.

What information is available on how to access the infrastructure and facilities?

The services offered may be aimed at one or more user groups, with different methods of accessing them. Using the advanced search option, you can identify those services accessible to visitors by searching for entities that match your profile (e.g. User group = Business) and the context in which the service is offered (Context = Service provision).

How do I save and export the results of my searches?

By creating an account on the portal and logging in, you can add fact sheets to your favourites and access your search history when next you visit the site. You can export the results of a search in CSV format by clicking on the ‘Export entity’ symbol located on the advanced search page. You can print a fact sheet by clicking on the ‘Print’ symbol situated at the foot of the sheet. You can download a fact sheet in PDF format by clicking on the ‘Download pdf’ symbol at the foot of the sheet.

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