Type of entity Platform
Description The LIPIDOCEAN platform, thanks to its efficient analytical instruments and its team with recognized expertise in the field of marine lipids, allows: 1 / fine analysis of the lipid composition of marine organisms, in its complexity and diversity, and this with a particularly high level of detail and unique in the world; 2 / the study of the physiological mechanisms regulating this lipid composition. Biological matrices that can be analyzed are varied, be they animals, plants, single- or multi-cellular organisms, sediments or seawater.
Keywords Marine lipids, Analysis, Chromatography, Research support, Biotechnology, Physiology
Related entities
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Marine lipid analyzes
Owned/operated by
Marine Environmental Science Laboratory (LEMAR)
Website Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO)
Website Institut Universitaire Européen de la Mer - IUEM
Website The National Center for Scientific Research
Website French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD)
Location and contact
LE GRAND Fabienne
Phone referent +33 (0)2 98 49 87 53
E-mail Send an e-mail
Adress Place Nicolas Copernic
Address line 2 IUEM - Institut Universitaire Européen de la Mer
Zip code/Postcode 29280
Town/city PLOUZANé
Service : Marine lipid analyzes
Proposed Service Marine lipid analyzes
Description of the service Marine lipid analyzes: type and techniques to be defined according to the scientific question. Access to the platform (services, collaborations, ...) is subject to prior authorization from managers, subject to compatibility with the platform load plan. The use of equipment is possible only after having followed a training.
Concerned public Companies
Research partners
Other researchers
Terms of access Supervised access
Research collaboration access
Full service access
URL access terms EN
Special conditions
Category Land-based tests and test sites for engineering and ocean observation
  Analyses, measurements and metrology
Scientific disciplines Marine biochemistry / Marine biogeochemistry / Marine chemistry
Marine biology
Strategic areas of action Marine biological resources
Examples of work INTERREG ALG-AD, FUI BRAINBOOSTER, ANR NANOPLASTIC, LABCOM BIOTECHALG, … More than 31 national and international partners, academics and industry
Travaux et collaborations
Owned/operated by
Marine Environmental Science Laboratory (LEMAR)
The scientific purpose of the laboratory is based on understanding the mechanisms that regulate the functioning of marine ecosystems and their response to the multiple facets of global change (climate change, eutrophisation & invasive species).
Website Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO)
UBO is a public academic, cultural and professional institution. Its main aims are to support the development of research, to help the country and its citizens to raise scientific, cultural and professional standards, to contribute to regional and national growth and economic prosperity, and to further employment policy. It seeks to reduce social and cultural inequality.
A pioneer in ocean science, IFREMER’s cutting-edge research is grounded in sustainable development and open science.His vision is to advance science, expertise and innovation to protect and restore the ocean, sustainably use marine resources to benefit societ, create and share ocean data, information & knowledge.
With more than 1,500 personnel spread along the French coastline in more than 20 sites, the institute explores the 3 great oceans: the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
Founded in 1984, IFREMER is a French public organization and its budget approximates 240 million euros. It is operating under the joint authority of the French Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation, the French Ministry for the Ecological and Solidary Transition, and the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food.
Website Institut Universitaire Européen de la Mer - IUEM
Website The National Center for Scientific Research
The National Center for Scientific Research
Website French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD)
The IRD is a key French player on the international development agenda. It is based on an original model: equitable scientific partnerships with developing countries, primarily those in the intertropical regions and the Mediterranean area.
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